The Power of Community: Inside the Vibrant Life at Accord Care’s Group Homes

Imagine a place where the essence of community and individual empowerment blend seamlessly, where each day is an opportunity for connection, growth, and personal achievement. This is the reality at Accord Care’s NDIS group homes, sanctuaries nestled in the heart of South East Queensland where people with disabilities find more than just a residence — they find a family. In these homes, life thrives on the delicate balance between personal care and communal living. Each resident’s unique journey is honoured with both the independence they cherish and the support they require, crafted meticulously by our devoted support workers. The care provided is far from one-size-fits-all; it’s a symphony of individualised plans and shared experiences, all orchestrated to foster autonomy and camaraderie within a supportive, inclusive environment.

The Harmony Between SIL and ILO Care

Accord Care presents two harmonious living models, each attuned to the distinct rhythms of our residents’ needs:

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) Group Homes: Here, the tapestry of daily life is woven with 24/7 support, designed for those who seek the security of long-term arrangements and a higher intensity of support.
  • Individualised Living Options (ILO) Group Homes: These homes offer a flexible melody of drop-in support, ideal for those on a journey towards greater independence, requiring a less intensive but equally nurturing touch.

Each resident’s needs and desires are the compass that guides our support, ensuring that regardless of the living arrangement, the standard of care is consistently exceptional.

Crafting Personalised Support Within a Community Tapestry

Within the walls of an Accord Care group home, individual care is the cornerstone. Our support workers are experts at tailoring support to the nuances of each individual’s needs and aspirations. They collaborate with residents, families, and health professionals to compose personalised care plans that resonate with each person’s life goals, encompassing a suite of activities and therapies that nurture mind, body, and soul. The individual care plans are living documents, evolving with regular reviews to the changing melodies of each resident’s life. It’s a care model that not only maintains personalisation but also thrives on the collective energy of communal living.

The Art of Community Living

Community living in Accord Care homes is not merely about sharing a space; it’s about weaving a collective story where every resident contributes to the narrative. It’s in the shared meals that taste better when eaten together, in the outings that become adventures, and in the hobbies that turn into passions shared with friends. These experiences are the threads that strengthen the fabric of our community, fostering a culture where each resident feels an abiding sense of belonging and support. It’s a place where laughter is the common language, and every day is a celebration of shared life.

Your Invitation to Accord Care’s Group Homes

At Accord Care, we extend an invitation to experience the warmth of our group homes, a testament to our dedication to crafting spaces where people with disabilities can flourish in the company of others. If you’re searching for a group home that prioritises specific care and a thriving community, reach out to our friendly team today and step into a world where independence and community go hand in hand.

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