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Accord Care was established in 2020 as an emergency accommodation provider, we soon grew our support categories to include Supported Independent Living, In-Home support, Community Access and Community nursing support services as we sought to provide ongoing quality care to our participants.

Over the years, we have grown to become a trusted name in the provision of person-centred support services to participants. Our team of experienced, culturally diverse, and dedicated staff members work hard to provide a high level of care and support to all participants.

Accord Care is now a leading provider of NDIS services in the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Redlands Bay, Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan and Toowoomba regions.

Our Mission

At Accord Care, our mission is to provide compassionate and exceptional care while fostering a culture of respect, family values, and meaningful contribution.

Our Vision

Accord Care is dedicated to supporting not only the physical well-being but also the emotional and social needs of our clients and their families. Our commitment to these core values guides every aspect of our organisation, ensuring that we empower our team members to respect one another, uphold family values, and make a positive and lasting contribution to the lives we touch.

Our mission revolves around The Accord Way

At the heart of Accord Care lies a name that signifies more than just a mere label. It is a declaration of intent and a promise of commitment. ‘Accord’ reflects our mission to align our organisation with the needs and aspirations of the community that we serve. It is our commitment to forge a path of care that is tailored to each individual, ensuring that your journey towards independence and empowerment is met with understanding, support, and respect.

Our commitment is interwoven through the core values that Accord Care stands for – values that resonate with every interaction and decision that our team makes. Accountability, Collaboration, Choice, Opportunity, Respect, and Diversity are not just words, but the pillars that support the structure of our organisation. They are a testament to our pledge to deliver a level of service that not only meets but exceeds expectations, fostering an environment where NDIS participants and staff alike can thrive.


We are answerable to industry standards as well as human standards for compassion, understanding, and genuine support
We are answerable to industry standards as well as human standards for compassion, understanding, and genuine support. We understand that our actions reverberate through the lives of our participants and staff, shaping their experiences and outcomes. This awareness is at the forefront of every decision we make, guiding us to act responsibly and with integrity.

We recognise that accountability extends beyond the confines of our offices and into the homes and lives of our participants. It is reflected in the meticulous planning of personalised care plans, the rigor of our service quality checks, and the openness with which we seek and incorporate feedback from those we serve.

In essence, accountability for Accord Care is about being answerable not just to industry standards, but to the human standards of compassion, understanding, and genuine support. It is a commitment that we renew each day, to uphold the dignity and aspirations of every person we have the privilege of serving.


In the journey of care, no one walks alone.
We believe that the best care is born from the synergy of diverse expertise and perspectives. This belief drives us to cultivate strong partnerships with a range of agencies and organisations, each bringing its own strengths to our holistic care ecosystem.

Our collaborative approach ensures that we’re not just providing care, but orchestrating a portfolio of services that resonates with the individual needs and goals of our participants.

This is made possible through our commitment to inclusivity in decision-making. We actively involve key stakeholders – including participants, their families, and natural supports – in crafting the support plans that will best serve their needs.

In the journey of care, no one walks alone. Our commitment to collaboration means that every step taken is a step together, with a shared vision and shared responsibility to deliver not just care, but care which uplifts, empowers, and honours the journey of each individual we support.


Each participant is the best judgement of what success looks like for them.
‘Choice’ is a cornerstone of the philosophy at Accord Care. It’s a reflection of our deep respect for the personal autonomy and individuality of each participant we serve.

Delivering quality service transcends the mere provision of care – it’s about nurturing an environment where participants are the architects of their support, actively shaping the journey towards their goals. Our role is to support their choices, ensuring they have the freedom and the resources to make informed decisions that resonate with their values and aspirations.

In practice, this means that our participants have the flexibility to choose not only what supports they receive, but also how and when they receive them. From the timing of home care visits to the selection of a physiotherapist or dietician, each decision is made with the participant’s voice at the forefront.

By embedding choice into the fabric of our services, we affirm our belief that each participant is the best judge of what success looks like for them.


The creation of possibilities and the nurturing of potential.
We are committed to laying down pathways for our participants to build their capacities, aligning our support with their NDIS goals. This commitment is about more than just support – it’s about empowerment, providing the tools and encouragement for participants to develop skills that lead to a more independent and enriched life.

Our dedication to opportunity manifests through a variety of programs and initiatives designed to tap into the unique potential of each participant. Whether it’s learning new life skills, enhancing social interaction, or pursuing vocational aspirations, we are there to support every step of the discovery and growth process. The ethos of fostering opportunity is equally reflected in our approach to our team. We recognise that the personal and professional development of our staff is instrumental in providing high-quality, compassionate care. That’s why we invest in an environment that values continuous learning, career advancement, and personal fulfilment.

In essence, opportunity within Accord Care is about bridging the gap between potential and achievement for both our participants and our team. It’s about celebrating every new skill learned, every goal reached, and every professional milestone achieved.


Recognising and protecting the dignity of every individual.
Respect is a commitment that goes beyond mere courtesy; it is about recognising and protecting the inherent dignity of every individual. At Accord Care, we understand that respect is synonymous with privacy — a fundamental human right

that we guard with vigilance. Our participants and staff entrust us with their personal information, from health details to financial matters, and we uphold that trust by ensuring absolute confidentiality and discretion in all our interactions. Privacy at Accord Care is not just a policy; it's a pledge to safeguard the personal details and the safety of our community. It's about creating a secure environment where participants can feel truly comfortable, and staff can work with the assurance that their personal integrity is protected.

In embodying respect, we are committed to a culture of mindfulness and responsibility, ensuring that the privacy and safety of our participants and staff are always paramount.


An inclusive community where every voice is heard and valued.
We cherish the rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and experiences that each member of our staff and participant base brings to our organisation. Recognising that diversity goes beyond representation, we embrace it as a vital asset that enhances our collective wisdom and the quality of care we provide. It is this blend of diverse backgrounds that fuels innovation, empathy, and understanding within our teams, enabling us to meet the varied needs of the communities we serve with nuance and sensitivity.

Our dedication to fostering an inclusive environment means that we constantly strive to create spaces where all individuals, regardless of their background, can feel welcomed, respected, and connected. We understand that it is the diversity of our people that enables us to be flexible, adaptive, and innovative in our problem- solving. This diversity also allows us to approach each participant’s needs with a fresh perspective, tailoring our services to fit their individual cultural and personal preferences.

It’s important that you know what to expect from the professionals you will be working with at Accord Care.


Relevant Qualifications & Checks

All team members have experience, qualifications and checks relevant to the positions they hold and the interactions they have with our participants. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we believe that experience is vital for delivering exceptional support and care.


Certified First Aid Training

People with disability may put themselves at risk – or even injure themselves – without knowing it. Our staff are trained and certified to assist in these situations to prevent further injury and render aid. 

Health and Behaviour Support Training

Where appropriate, training in behavioural support helps our team to professionally identify and deal with any disruptive behaviours – protecting the health and wellbeing of participants and others.

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