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Get 24/7 Assistance With Your Disability at Our NDIS Group Homes

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Approved NDIS group homes can make a tremendous difference in the daily quality of life for persons with disabilities. If you’re a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant, you can access our support services for convenient and safe living.

Our professionals focus all their efforts on assisting around the clock, whether with shopping, therapy, or first aid. With Accord Care’s assistance, your loved ones always get the support they deserve from qualified professionals.


What You Should Know About the Staff at Our Disability Group Homes

It’s important to know what to expect from the professionals who will assist your loved ones at one of our group homes. Here are some quick facts about our staff:

  • Relevant qualifications. It’s crucial that our staff have the necessary qualifications and experience working in group homes. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, experience is vital in helping our team identify potential problems and knowing how to communicate appropriately.
  • Certified first aid training. People with disabilities may put themselves in danger – or even injure themselves – without knowing it. Our staff can assist in these situations to prevent further injury and may save a life.
  • Health and behaviour support training. Training in behavioural support helps our staff professionally identify and deal with disruptive behaviours. While not always in the control of your loved ones, their disruptive behaviour can put their health – or the health of others – at risk.

How a Disability Group Home Makes a Difference in a Loved One’s Life

While the ultimate decision to send a loved one to a group home can be difficult, you must know it is often the best thing for them. Here are some examples of how group homes for adults with disabilities can make a tremendous difference in their quality of life:

  • Around the clock assistance. Providing care for your disabled loved ones is a full-time job. It can become overwhelming and exhausting to juggle your life and provide consistent care. Your loved ones get all the assistance they need from paid professionals around the clock at our homes.
  • Meeting others with similar disabilities or even having the chance to socialise can mean the world to people with disabilities. Whether they decide to live alone or share their space, they will have ample opportunity to socialise.
  • Shopping assistance. Shopping for disabled people can become an overwhelming rush if you must keep track of what they need, prevent them from running out of essential items, and make time in your schedule to get to the shops. Our staff happily assists with their shopping.

About Us and Our Disability Accommodation

At Accord Care, we strive towards a single goal: providing the best care possible to those who have disabilities. Our shared home and independent living services provide excellent assistance, socialising, and therapy opportunities.

Call us today and find the right group home for your loved one with a disability.

Accord Care’s Group Homes provide a supported home environment where residents can feel at home, included and safe. The Group Homes are social places that provide opportunities for participation.

Shared living arrangements can support residents’ independence and allow them to engage in a variety of activities and programs through Accord Care’s whole-of-life approach to accommodation support.


Each resident can live independently on their own terms and expect the best quality support available within the disability sector. Care is paramount and friendships encouraged. Resident’s choices and privacy are respected.

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