National Disability Insurance Scheme

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to eligible people with disability. Its aim is to provide more time with family and friends, greater independence, access to new skills, jobs or volunteering in their community, and an improved quality of life.

The NDIS also provides connection for anyone with a disability to services in their community including doctors, community groups, sporting clubs, schools and libraries.

Since its inception in July 2013, the NDIS has supported over 500,000 Australians with disability, allowing them access to the services and support they need.

If you are an NDIS participant who has approved access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) then you can now access the support services you need to support your daily life and wellbeing.
To be eligible for access to the NDIS you must be living with a permanent and significant disability. A permanent disability meaning that it is likely to be lifelong and have a substantial impact on your ability to complete everyday activities.

As an NDIS participant you can choose which NDIS provider you want to provide the support and services you need. An NDIS provider provides services that help a person in their daily life. A Quality NDIS provider not only helps you participate in the community but also helps you consistently reach your personal goals.

One of the aims of NDIS support service provision is to provide early intervention to help reduce the impacts of disability as much as possible. The aim is to also lessen developmental delay if possible and build a person’s skills, so they develop independence.

Creating your plan

Your plan is a written agreement worked out with you. Everyone’s plan is different. We will ask questions about how you are going in different areas of your life, what goals you would like to achieve and what kind of help and support you need. This will help us to develop a plan that provides the right support for you.

New to NDIS?

If you’re new to the NDIS you may have already started exploring your options. But, you may have become overwhelmed by the number of acronyms, processes and jargon.

A few explanations to get you started:

Permanent and significant disability
A permanent disability means your disability is likely to be lifelong. A significant disability has a substantial impact on your ability to complete everyday activities.

  • Supports and services
    Assistance or products that help a person in their daily life and help them participate in the community and reach their goals.
  • Early intervention
    Providing support to a person, either a child or an adult, as early as possible to reduce the impacts of disability or developmental delay and to build their skills and independence.

You can find a full glossary of NDIS terms and what they mean here.

Looking for a new NDIS provider?

If you are unhappy with your current NDIS provider, you can make a change. You can move to a provider that cares about and understands your desired goals. At Accord Care, we make it a priority to understand your personal situation and can support you in creating a personalised plan.

Accord Care aims to provide supports and services that suit you and your desired lifestyle – delivering support that is reliable and life enriching.

Each NDIS participant is unique and so are their needs, so we provide support and care tailored to meet your individual circumstances and goals. We offer you the means to explore your passions and pursuits, do what you love, and live comfortably and safely.

If you’re ready to make the change and switch to Accord Care, our experience team can help you make the NDIS transition a smooth and stress-free process.

For more information contact us today.

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