Short Term Accommodation

Our Short-Term Accommodation provides participants with temporary comprehensive supports in a centre or group residence.

Funding for Short Term Accommodation includes all expenses in a 24-hour period. In that time participants are in a supported home environment that is fun and inclusive where they can try new activities and make friends.

Our Short-Term Accommodation is situated in multiple locations within greater Brisbane. Queensland. Our vetted staff are experienced with personal care, medication administration, hoists, and general manual handling.

Accord Care have a range of respite options for children, adults and the elderly that provides short term accommodation in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Loved ones are looked after ensuring families have that much needed break so they can carry on in the caring role.

Short Term Accommodation offers the following:

  • 24 hours staffed and fully furnished, self-contained, accessible house
  • Personal care and support throughout the day and night
  • All meals provided throughout the day, including morning and afternoon tea.
  • Fun activities including lunches; concerts; football etc.
  • A secure and safe location, that is close to amenities & schools.

Short Term Respite & the NDIS

Thanks to the NDIS, carers and families can have the chance to have a break and have time to do everyday activities, to relax, deal with stress and take care of themselves. That is why Respite is a valuable resource that benefits everyone.


  • There are three levels of short-term support funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA):
  • Level 1: Provides funds to eligible participants for 7 to 14 days per year to allow the carer to attend key activities
  • Level 2: Provides funds to eligible participants for 14 to 28 days per year and includes a strategy to build capabilities for future independence.
  • Level 3: Provides funds to eligible participants for an equivalent of 28 days per year.

Our Short-Term Respite supports eligible participants to live in comfortable accommodation for a short period of time.Respite care also includes support for self-care, food, and activities.

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