Community Access Support

Discover Holistic Care With Our Community Access Support

Accord Care knows that participants value their communities. Community access support is vital.

As a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant, we have the resources needed to support you if you require disability care. We have qualified professionals and provide short-term accommodation where needed. We provide comprehensive care where, besides taking care of your physical requirements, we ensure your mental and emotional wellbeing through our community access support.


Improve Your Quality of Life With Our Community Access NDIS

Besides offering a whole-of-life approach, these are some of the other reliable and tailored services that you can expect when you engage with us:

  • Support independent living (SIL). This level of care provides living solutions when, where, and how you choose. Besides offering individual therapy and therapeutic support, we commit to empowering you by helping you develop skills such as decision making and problem-solving.
  • Home care support. This service includes housekeeping, shopping, and the preparation of nutritional meals as part of a balanced diet. Should you also need, we provide personal care and grooming services.
  • Travel assistance. We also help get you around by transporting you to your next medical appointment or recreational activities where you can engage with the local community by participating in sports. Perhaps you like to keep to yourself? You can still enjoy hobbies such as photography, birding, or learning something new at your local library.
  • Short-term accommodation. We have staffed and fully furnished, self-contained houses in several locations within greater Brisbane that are accessible 24 hours and close to amenities.

Experience Independence With Our NDIS Community Access

Besides helping you access a network of support in your vicinity with our community access support service, these are some of the additional ways that we strive to add value to your experience:

  • Qualified staff. We have a team of professionals trained in first aid, health, and behaviour support which has equipped them with skills such as manual handling, operating hoists, and managing medication. They review their training annually, and our experienced staff also have Blue/ Yellow cards and have been police checked.
  • Three levels of funded, NDIS care.For those who are eligible, level 1 provides funds from seven to 14 days per year, where the carer attends to key activities. Level 2 provides funds from 14 to 28 days per year where we plan for and aim at building your capabilities for future independence. Level 3, instead provides funds for 28 days per year.
  • Range of services. Our care options also include shared living solutions where Accord Care’s group homes provide a safe space to socialise, and although you will share living arrangements, your privacy is respected. Our Allied Health professionals have a multidisciplinary scope where we use trained providers in psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and social work, among other practices.

Why Accord Care

We are a trusted name in disability care and support services and are accessible with homes situated throughout greater Brisbane.

So, contact us today for competent, compassionate, and convenient care.

Your NDIS plan should provide opportunities for participation in a range of activities.

When you use Accord Care a support worker will accompany you to activities, whether it is shopping, playing sport, hobby activities, visiting a library or just taking time out to visit a café.

Participants’ social lives are important to their wellbeing and community access support enables opportunities for connection.

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